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September 13, 2010
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1) You've ever reffered to your clothes as 'Artificial Skin' or your shoes as 'Artificial hooves'. (sp? :D)
2)If you've ever shouted, in a public place, to a passing red tailed hawk "What's up Tobias?"
3) If you've ever eaten instant maple and ginger oatmeal for the express purpose of keeping a Yeerk out of your head.
4 ) If you don't cuss out your adversaries in English anymore. They are no longer %##^&@!# or jerks anymore they are "Dapsens."
5) If your computer's spellcheck no longer rejects words like 'Andalite', 'Yeerk', 'Visser', 'Hork-Bajir', 'Taxxon', 'Animorph' etc.
6) If when you heard the song 'I'm Blue' by Eiffel 65 you immediately thought of Ax.
7)If you ever wondered if the old lady in book #10 was your grandma.
8) If you ever wanted to draw a picture of those Hork-Bajir playing poker in book #33.
9) If you knew that by bathing in grape juice Visser three turned the color of an Andalite female.
10) If you've ever cussed in Andalite or Yeerk in a public place.
11) If you've seen a black limo and your first thought was automatically 'Visser three'
12) If you've ever tried to aquire and morph one of your pets.
13) If you've ever wanted to make your own Animorphs Clue game. (You would be surprised the number of people I've had on this one.)
14) If you can look at this list and honestly say "Guilty." o.O XD
GUILTY AND UNASHAMED!!:D lol. Yeah this is another list of some of the crazy things we Animorph fans do. This is the second cause I missed some in the last one. Thanks to everybody who pointed some of these out to me or helped inspire others.
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Everything exept 7 and 8
aximilifaolan May 17, 2013  Hobbyist Writer
guilty, definitely guilty XDD

i have to say i've done more than half of these before. and number 6... OMG I'M NOT THE ONLY ONE XDDDDD

and number 9... just.... yes. this was my first thought. i literally burst out laughing... i was like 'OOOOH VISSER, YOU'RE SO BEAUTIFUL NOW!' XDD
number 9.
when i read he has bath in grape juice, i was like "wait a second.....omg,YES!"

bigger question: did ax do that on purpose?
Snowfur45 Jan 16, 2012  Hobbyist
Im called a wierdo by my friends...I drew andalites and yeerks at school. I believe in yeerks and andalites, not the animorphs but everything else yeah.. O.o
Me too! All the time. Yeah, I don't think the animorphs are or we're real. But the yeerks, andalites, hork bajjir ect. Yeah I belive in them.
I did that stuff in school too but since I was homeschooled it didn't really matter that much! XD My sister told me I was a weirdo. Still tells me that.
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